Sunday, November 8, 2009

Baskets and a crazy quilt square

These are the baskets that I finished at basket guild yesterday. All are cane and made on the same mold, but the one with a handle is a nantucket style basket with a nailed rim and free swinging handle and the other two are made of dyed cane with waxed linen lashing. The black one is a twill weave and the other two are tabby weave. The nailed rim was harder to do than a traditional rim, but I'm sure I could get much better with a little practice. I like using waxed linen for lashing because I think it gives a more contemporary look to the baskets which I like. Though it probably isn't obvious here, even though they were all made on the same mold, they are really 3 different sizes. It's funny how that happens.

I also decided to start another crazy quilt square today. Class is next week and I haven't done anything since before the last class, so I need to get started. I really like using the crosstitch pieces that I have done. They provide a focal point for the square and I like the words on the squares. This one was pretty dull colored so I added the bright pink border and put it together using a blanket stitch. The butterflies, both crocheted and embroidered, were purchased from garage sales. I have started ribbon flowers on the bottom left and feather stitch with a rayon floss on the bottom right. I machine stitched the background together before I started the hand work, so it's not all hand done, but it's going to be close enough for me.
It was also my birthday on Friday. My hub and I went out for breakfast and then he drove me all over the county to 3 quilt shops looking for just the right fabrics for the CWBQ. He and the dogs took walks and slept in the truck while I fingered all the fabric. It took all day, but I found enough to get started. Then we went to dinner at one of my favorite mexican restaurants and came home and drank a glass of wine. Nice day. Yesterday, we had dinner with C and D, and then had breakfast with P and T this morning. I also had calls from E and K, my friend R, and my brother and sisters. I have the best family ever. And to top it off, we have had fabulous weather this weekend, in the 60s and sunny. Unusual for my birthday, since early November is usually rainy and cold. It has been a really nice weekend.

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