Thursday, November 12, 2009


Thanks to everyone for the kind comments about the blog. I started the blog because I wanted a record of the "stuff" that I make. I needed to record technical details, (which I haven't really done yet), and maybe more importantly, I realized that I should take photos, and this was a reason to take them and a place where I could find them. A couple times I have realized that I was making the same mistake again because I couldn't remember how I corrected it the first time. And when I start feeling like a slug because I haven't done anything in a few days, I can go back and remember what has been accomplished. Also it turns out that Google has made it extremely easy to start a blog. The hard part will be writing something every few days. But a warning, I'm not writing every day, nor is there a picture of a finished project every other day, so check once in a while if you are interested and again, thanks for all the really nice comments.

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