Friday, December 18, 2009


Okay, I learned to do kumihimo tonight. The top one is the practice run with the directions, but without instructions. The one on the bottom is after tonight's instruction. The process wasn't fast, it took 3 hours to make 8.5" of beaded cord, though I'm sure it would be much faster after a couple times. (And of course, that includes the time it took to undo it twice after I found mistakes.) These really could make cool bracelets. It takes a bit of rayon cord, some #8 beads and the tool. The cord needs some end caps and a clasp, but it definitely has potential.

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  1. That came out great. I did a bunch with fiber before I tried with beads. I have yet to have one that doesn't have a spot w/out a bead. I thought it was a place I forgot to push up the bead but I realize that occasionally, when I tuck the bead under the other thread, it comes out a little so it leaves a tiny bald spot. Really not a big deal I think. I've made necklaces with glass seed beads. Great project for while you are watching TV!