Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year to all. It's a new year and I'm back to blogging. And though the holidays are over and the family and friends have gone back to their own lives, we have been so fortunate that all our kids were together, H's sister's family could join us, and my sisters were both here for a few days. Family is good. The best gift is that everyone is happy and healthy. However the video of my sister's family purchasing toys for Toys for Tots as gifts for our family was very cute and such a good idea.

My crafting goals for the new year are to complete a pieced Michigan map quilt for my son, the appliqued Civil War Bride's quilt for me, and a (as yet undecided pattern) wedding quilt for my stepson and his soon-to-be-bride. I also heard the other day that another wedding date is being planned, so that quilt will be on the agenda soon too. I have plans to take a few more classes at the local quilt shops and intend to participate in the 2 workshops that my quilt guild has scheduled. I've also got a couple basket classes planned and my friends and I are doing a quilting retreat at R's cabin in January. I also want to make time for the art guild and garden meetings. Of course, when spring arrives, I get to plant my new annual garden that my family put in for me last fall. It will be spectacular. Lots of color and texture and will provide inspiration for more colorful quilts and baskets of natural materials.

I made a couple things over the holidays, but since they aren't in the mail until next week, I'm reserving the photos til later.

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  1. Who's wedding? Wow! You have lots of stuffed planned for this year. Sounds fun.