Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This is a basket that I made last Saturday during basket guild. The antler was from my friend, Martha, who died last year. Martha had a whole bag of them and her daughter gave them to me. I took them to guild and each of us made a martha basket last week. Mine is made of deer antler, smoked reed, brown leather, oak rims, a piece of fox fur, and some pheasant feathers. My basket is going to R's cabin to hold the tv remote. That seemed like an appropriate place. This photo is the makings of my new quilt project. The woodcut pattern I found on line. It is from a midddle ages manuscript. The woodcut also had a tree and a girl in a cloak standing next to the birds, but I just wanted the birds, so I blocked out the rest of the image. The fabrics will be used in the quilt. I hope to have it done in a few weeks, but the male's feathers have 5 colors on them and since I'm hand appliquing, it might take a little time. I did find a fabulous border fabric in gorgeous blues, so it should be pretty stunning when completed. In the meantime, I have lots of other stuff planned too. I have volunteered to help with the state quilt chapter meeting next weekend. I am going to quilt guild this Friday and we are doing the Gee's Bend exhibit at FIA. It will be interesting. I have also signed C and I up for a shaker basket workshop in April, and I will also be taking the guild quilting workshop in April. And another quilt class in June. I am working on my denim tablerunner and hope to get a photo of it next week at weaving. I am going to make a quilted tablerunner with the left-over apple fabrics and maybe a couple garden baskets for the silent auction for the Master Gardener's Association annual meeting in April, and really want to go out to the Maryland Fiber Festival the first week in May. I am attending the fiber arts guild meetings once a month and we are making paper this month. I also am going to order some heirloom tomato seeds and start those for my garden this spring. Lots of plans. We will see.