Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

A lovely holiday weekend. On Saturday, breakfast with C and H in Davison and then the Ann Arbor market and Whole Foods with H and the dogs. I bought MORE seeds and dahlias and cannas to start for the annual bed and we had good coffee all day. And of course, bought organic peanut butter buddies for the spoiled dogs. On Easter, C was here and D and E came over in the morning. It was very cool to have E, it was her first visit and she was wonderful (she even ate a pickled egg). We ate brunch of grilled shrimp and asparagus and crepes with strawberry/blueberry/raspberry sauce and whipped cream on the deck. We played with the dogs, dyed Easter eggs, sat and talked, took pictures of D's quilt, and played scrabble and then more food; fried chicken, mashed potatoes, milk gravy, fresh green beans, a tomato, fresh mozzarella, and basil salad, and biscuits. H picked out the menu and it was very good. We had E's lovely strawberry angel food cake dish and lemon meringue pie for dessert. E and K called so we got to talk with them. I really missed having the big kids here, but K is starting her next to last 30 day rotation and is very happy to be almost done, and E said the weather in Maryland was gorgeous and they had had a good brunch. P and T were in the UP at T's parent's house. They are supposed to visit next weekend. Here, the kids found their baskets and seemed very happy with their stuff. I was very excited that H got a new pair of Felcos for me. I have misplaced mine that I have had for years and I had been really missing them this spring, you can't prune without the proper tools... The dogs were exhausted. It was a beautiful day. This is the table Easter morning. I used the new tablerunner that I just took off the loom a couple weeks ago. I dyed the cotton rug warp and muslin with Rit navy dye. I wadded the fabric and thread up and put rubber bands around them so I got color variation in them. I also overdyed the denim jean strips that I used as an accent in the runner. The muslin fabric is done up with a tabby weave and the jean strips have a monk's belt tie-up, giving them floats on top of the muslin and making the runner a bit knobby in places. I like the texture of using the jean strips on the smooth tabby weave. And though I used navy dye in the washing machine, I like this color better, it is almost periwinkle blue, very spring-like. The multi colored batting is dyed with easter egg dye from the kit. I'm not sure what I will use it for, but the colors of dye were so beautiful, it seemed a shame to not dye something that D wasn't going to eat. I still have strips of batting in the dye tonight, I am going to take them out tomorrow and let them dry. I am hoping the colors will be more intense. This photo was taken in the florida room tonight and that is definitely not the best lighting. It is too yellow and some things look really washed out. The last photo is D's quilt. I had him bring it home for the day so I could take a photo outdoors. The quilts look so much better in the sunlight and yesterday cooperated beautifully. These are the apple fabrics that just looked like D in the store. And then when I got the center finished, it looked pretty plain, and so as D is always telling me to "Eat Michigan Apples", this saying seemed appropriate for the border. I just free pieced the letters, but they turned out well so I guess I really don't need a pattern for everything...

The pattern for the center is just squares with alternating flying geese. It wasn't difficult to do, but it seemed to fit these fabrics well because I wanted to have large enough squares to see the patterns in the fabric. The brown has apples and apple blossoms, the tan has apples, and the dark gold has the names of apples printed on it, Jonathon, Delicious, Golden, Spy, and others. The plaid goes well and the red is plain, the better to see the long arm quilting. He quilted a really cool apple pattern over the whole quilt. The apples are about 2 1/2 " across, so the quilt is not too stiff with thread. The quilting really shows up well on the red fabric. I backed the quilt with the dark gold and labeled it for D. A wonderful weekend, thanks to all of you. We are so blessed and I am grateful.

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