Wednesday, April 21, 2010

finished boxes

These are the finished boxes, 3 coats of Watco Danish Oil and sanding with 440 grit between each coat and they are beautiful, not perfect mind you, but good for a first try. They look nice on the cherry dresser in my bedroom. Now to just get that batik quilt behind the bed... The little one in front is the music box. Below is the newly weeded annual garden that is ready to plant on Mother's Day weekend, weather permitting. I snapped the photo and then trimmed the roses so they are done too, it just doesn't look like it. The former rose bed at the end of the drive is being turned back into lawn as soon as everything in it is grubbed out and the soil is raked and seeded. It's the rough patch at the end of the drive. I also put the otter in the pond, trimmed back the curly willow, and swept some of the dead leaves from the deck tonight. I'm getting there, but it is a bit slow. The weather is perfect, beautiful sunshine and 70-75 degrees, and I don't want to complain, but where are the April showers? I was hoeing in the flower bed and the top couple inches are completely dry. It's way to early to water roses, but I know I wouldn't be able to seed grass without
watering too. The perennial bed is a mess of feverfew, coneflowers, perennial sunflower, black eyed susans, and oregano. The peonies are up and budded out. It seems early. We drove by a lilac that was in full bloom last night at the corner of Linden and Lennon Road. The leaves are starting to come out on mine, but the buds are still really tight. However, if this weather keeps up, the pink dogwood will be out by the weekend. And if it gets any warmer, the spring flowers will be gone soon. Maggie walked across in front of the camera just as I snapped the picture, another 2 seconds and it would have been Einstein since he was right behind Maggie. They played outdoors while I was gardening today. Of course, there are sticks all over the front yard.

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