Thursday, May 20, 2010

Art Guild

I am going to art guild tonight. I don't really feel like going, but I should go. It has to do with getting out of the funk of this week. It has been a really long week. The women are friends, the art will be fun, we are having a potluck to celebrate being together, and I have to pay my $10 dues that I have owed and forgotten since January. I have my show and tells, my roving and felting needle from the Maryland fiber fair, my cherry boxes, and a little mosaic piece that I have been working on. I have also decided that I am putting on the loom the beautiful white baby blanket with pink roses that I saw in the magazine. Life does go on. Between the baby blanket and 2 weddings this weekend, and my daughter's graduation from medical school next weekend, I hopefully will not have time for the funk. And I am deadheading the petunias and marigolds. Maybe sunshine will help too. I hope so.

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