Sunday, May 30, 2010


D has been in the hospital this week. Home now, but scary for me for a bit. It is amazing how every bad thing that you have ever heard, seen, or imagined comes into your head at 3:30 in the morning as you sit in the hospital looking at your child. Once again, we are so fortunate. Thank you to E for staying with D in the hospital.

On another front, D and I are missing K's graduation from med school today. Yes, she was the first phone call on Thursday morning. We are so proud of her and her achievements. She has managed alot while in med school and will continue to be challenged (especially for the next year) but we are positive that she is totally up to it. I am pleased that the rest of the family can be there with her and T to share today. I know C is taking photos, I'm just sorry that D and I aren't there to join the fun. I don't have enough words to express the gratefulness that I feel for all my children this weekend. Thanks so much to all of you. I love you.

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