Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Gardening Weekend

A very fun couple days. D and E, C, H and I went to the Eastern Market on Sat and bought flowers and cheese and ate ribs and pastries, washed down with lots of coffee. We stopped in Birmingham to get dad's special bottle of bourbon in the afternoon and came home to find that the 5 yards of compost had been delivered. Yippee! Since then, we have planted flowerbeds, moved compost, installed fencing, planted herbs and cherry tomatoes, planted raspberries, moved compost, pruned the trees and shrubs, planted the front porch pots, moved hydrangeas, watered everything in sight, rearranged the rocks and mushrooms, moved more compost, planted the back deck pots, and moved lots of brush in the woods. The pink dogwood have been stunning this year.

Tulips and allium,

grape hyacinth, just before they are gone for the year,

ferns at the front door,

japanese grass that the dogs munch on at every opportunity,

the cherry tree garden with snaps, marigolds, mums, daylilies and crane's bill geranium,
perennial bachelor's buttons,

white iris,


purple iris,

peonies almost out,

raspberries waiting for July,

volunteer chives in the corner of the herb garden,

white lilacs with the absolutely amazing fragrance,

hydrangeas with the boy and goose statue,

ajuga everywhere,

a bed of raspberries, more than enough to make jam...

the 8x50' annual bed planted with several varieties of snaps, marigolds, dahlias, cannas, sweet peas, zinnias, stocks, roses, glads, petunias, morning glories, cosmos, and sunflowers. It is almost perfect now and will be absolutely perfect in about a month (or so I tell all the neighbors who are stopping to admire). Thanks to D, E, C and H for a weekend of really hard, and fun for me, work. PS the white chocolate mousse was great too AND E got to eat her first coney. How cool is that! A wonderful weekend.

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  1. Holy Moly Sue, that looks like a HUGE new flower bed and will be absolutly beautiful in no time at all. Can't wait for the raspberries to come out, hopefully I will be around to eat a few =) Sounds like a fab weekend. Wish I could have had that much fun, packing is just not fun! But moving to FL is.... 2 more weeks....