Saturday, June 5, 2010

liberated stars

New project! 16 of 25 almost done. I started last week while home with D. However I have changed my mind 5 times on what I'm doing so I have needlessly cut each piece of fabric at least 5 times before I got what I wanted. These are 4.5" sections, I also made 2 squares using 2.5" sections and 2 squares using 6.5" sections. I have made them with and without borders and have decided to use the sashing so I still have alot of work to do. I'm going to use the odd sized squares on the back I think. I started out cutting 4.5" strips of each batik to make a strip quilt. I didn't really like that so I then cut the strips about in 1/2 and started to make log cabins. I made about 45 irregularly shaped log cabins and then decided to make stars, so I cut some of the log cabins into 4.5" squares and used those for stars. I cut the points of the stars out of the left over log cabin pieces, but I still have about 30 or so multicolored batik irregularly shaped log cabins, so I have enough to do another quilt, I think. I have been wanting to do one of these liberated star quilts ever since I saw one in Gwen Marston's book. I am going to go next Sunday and learn how to use a long arm quilting machine, so I am thinking this might be a good quilt to start on. It certainly won't need to be perfectly quilted. I'm hoping to get it done in time to take to the beach in 2 weeks.

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