Wednesday, June 30, 2010

North Carolina

North Carolina photos...a spectacularly gorgeous beach and fabulous pelicans... they flew over several times a day and were always cool to watch. Most of the family made it to the house for at least a few days and it was a blast to see everyone. We really missed Amanda, Pat, Terri, and Tim. Next time, right?

This is the reason to grow annual flowers. I picked this bouquet on Monday evening after I weeded the garden. Before we left for the beach last week there weren't any zinnias, snaps, or cleome in bloom. When we got home, all of them were out. These are the kind of flowers that bloom more if they are picked. It's a good thing, cause I'm keeping bouquets in the house all summer. However, the deer and I are going to have words (like they care). We came home and found the top of every sunflower plant snapped off about a foot off the ground. Now it is possible that they were just pruning for me, but highly doubtful. We'll see what happens when the sunflowers start to branch out (if they do, of course).


  1. Zinnias are one of my favorite old fashioned flowers; your bouquet looks like a piece of art.
    I just "met" you at Lib-Quilters group; I'm glad you posted.
    The applique on your heading is beautiful-I also do traditional hand applique and just joined Yahoo group called Applique-Addicts.
    Kathleen in Ct

  2. Zinnias are one of my favorites too, such gorgeous colors. Thanks, I have been looking for an applique group on line. I'll check it out.