Sunday, June 6, 2010

plant varieties

First off, C finished her 72x100" quilt top today. We even cut the batting for it. We'll get the backing fabric this week and try out the long arm quilter on Sunday. If all goes well, she should have it by the time we get to the beach.

Ok, my compost is sprouting weeds. Seriously. There are little tiny weed seedlings everywhere. I spent 2 hours on Friday pulling them from the annual garden and another hour this morning finishing the annual bed and there were more from where I had pulled 2 days ago. This is going to be a real job for a bit until the flowers get big enough to shade the weeds out. I also walked around and pulled from the other front gardens where we had spread compost. The feverfew and valerian are out so the garden has gone from pink and purple crane's bill, iris, columbine, and peonies to a carpet of white. However the pinks are starting to come, and the carpet rose, shastas, and purple coneflowers are starting to bud out. I cut down the yellow coneflower this year. It blossoms later and is shorter than the 6-7' if I trim it off before July. It was lovely outdoors today, sunny, but cooler than it has been. It is so quiet on Sunday morning and I waved to at least 6 or 7 neighbors going by. This morning I was almost happy that I had weeds to pull on a Sunday morning. I suspect the notion may wear off quickly.

Feel free to skip the rest of the post. I need a place to memorialize (somewhere that I will be able to find my list next spring) what varieties of plants that I used in the vegetable and annual gardens.
My list is for the vegetable garden is:
Roma tomato - modern sauce, plants from Van Attas
Supersteak tomato- modern hybrid, plants from Van Attas
Big Boy tomato- modern hybrid, plants from MT
Oxheart tomato - heirloom from PW
Mortgage Lifter tomato - heirloom, plants from Van Attas
German Pink tomato - heirloom from seed, Seed saver
Sudduth's Brandywine tomato- heirloom from seed, Seed Saver
Dwarf Gray Sugar and another unremembered variety, edible pod, Harts seeds
Bloomsdale Longstanding spinach, Harts seeds
radishes and carrots from seed, Harts seeds
Contender and Derby bush beans, Harts seeds
Red bell peppers, plants from Keits
Green bell pepper, plants from Eastern Mkt
Garden Salsa pepper, plants from Van Attas
Potatoes from Keits
Texas red sweet onion sets from Keits
Straight Eight cucumbers, from Burpees seed
Sweet Genovese Basil, from seed, Seed Savers, planted in herb garden

Annual Bed
2 flats Ultra Pink petunias, 10-12", Keits
1 flat mixed Rocket snapdragons, 30-36", Keits
few Bella snapdragons, 20-24", Keits
.5 flat Ruffles zinnias, 30-36", East Mkt
.5 flat Vintage mix stocks, 16-18", Keits
2 flats mixed stocks, 12-36", East Mkt
.5 flat short dahlias, 10", East Mkt
2 flat short marigolds, East Mkt
1 flat tall Benary's Giant zinnias, 40-50". east Mkt
1 flat state Fair zinnias, 30-36",
cosmos from seed
bachelor's buttons from seed
Grandpa Ott's morning glories from seed, Seed Savers
sweet peas from seed
sunflowers from seed
3 cannas from tubers
7 dahlias from tubers
.5 flat Burpeeana zinnia from seed, 24", planted most in veggie bed
1 flat Cempoalxochitl marigolds, 4-5', from seed, Seed Savers, planted most in veggie bed
1 flat mixed cleome, 42-48"
1 flat Madame Butterfly snapdragons, 24-30", East Mkt
planted many double, gave some away, probably needed about 8 flats to fill 10x50' bed

Pots on back deck
asparagus fern
Pink wave petunias
Pink coleus

Pots on front porch
Boston fern, bought 1, chopped into 4 pieces.

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