Friday, June 11, 2010

socks, C's quilt, and scrap pages

My new socks, aren't they the coolest thing ever? I finally have a pair of handmade socks. I was at weaving last fall and my friend P had on handmade socks and we got to talking about knitting. She has been making socks for a long time, in fact, long enough so that her, her husband, children, and granddaughter only wear handmade socks. I said that I couldn't buy handmade socks because my feet were too big and she said that she would make me a pair. I bought the yarn in Jan and picked them up tonight. They are warm and very comfortable and fit perfectly. Thank you P.
This is C and her quilt top. She picked out the colors and pattern, and sewed it together herself. When we get a chance to rent the long arm quilter, she is going to quilt it too. It will be uniquely hers. (Very uniquely hers cause those aren't my colors...) We are still discussing whether this is her quilt #2 and whether she has to go to the back of the line for the next one after I finish the wedding quilt. After the wedding quilt, all the kids will have one apiece that I have made and since C's was the first one, she thinks she should be next in line....for a second one. I'm thinking I'm going to do a few extras never know who will need a quilt.

Now that K has graduated, go Dr. K!, I can show the pictures that I took of our scrapbook pages. Her mom and E decided that she needed a scrapbook page from everyone who wished her well on her new adventure of being a doctor. I thought it was a great idea. Her dad's and my page is with the 3 postcard style pictures. Balance is her dad's wish, and Serenity and Family are my wishes (and they don't always go together as she will probably find out...). The picture of her and dad was taken at her coat ceremony a couple years ago. The little skeleton was part of a set of halloween earrings that I bought because I wanted this charm, and the pictures were copied onto fabric using the printer. I also made the ribbon using the printer. I learned alot making these pages. C also made a very cool page and D helped by selecting their photo. I had a small bag that I had saved from somewhere with this hawaiian scene on it and C used the images from the bag and alot of fabric to create the waves. She started out using paper, but it turned out that I had a many more colors of fabric than paper, imagine that?

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