Thursday, July 29, 2010


My online group has decided to swap fabric postcards. This is actually the third postcard that I have made in a week; I pieced the word Joy on the first one (it was a really cool postcard, much better than this one) and promptly misplaced it in the fabric stash and can't find it. What does that tell you about the fabric stash? And the second one, I fused a basket and 3 flowers on it and sent to Wales this afternoon...unfortunately I forgot to take a photo before it went to the post office. And in case you are interested, it costs $1.28 to send a postcard to Wales. This one is going to Massachusetts, and I put 2 stamps on it just in case there was extra postage. Supposedly you can send these through the mail without an envelope. I guess we will see when I receive mine. That is actually the most fun part, although they were kinda cool to make too, I am going to receive two in return. One from Texas and one from England. How cool is that? I can hardly wait.

This is the start of the dresden plate quilt.  The plates and sashing has been added to the background.  I am going to add a narrow green border and then I have been trying to decide about the wider border.  The pattern is actually set on point so the square quilt is made up of diamond shapes.  It's funny how they talk to you if you listen, this one is telling it needs an appliqued border with vines and flowers and maybe hand quilting too.   So far I am resisting the hand quilting idea, but I'm thinking it might be right about the border. 


  1. I think you are definitely right about the appliqued border - wow - that would be gorgeous - I love pieced quilts with applique.

  2. Here is a really great tutorial on zig zagging an edging - this would be prefect for your postcards:


  3. Thanks, I started the applique border tonight. I had to piece both backgrounds into the border, since of course, I hadn't bought enough fabric for the border too, but I think it will be ok. I am going to hand quilt this one too, I don't know why, but it just doesn't want to go to the long arm... Thanks too for the tutorial.