Monday, August 9, 2010

CWBQ Block #1

Block #1 is done.  I am working on the bride tonight, but it's slow going.  I had to re-do the bloomers 4 times trying to get them even, the sleeves once, because 1 shoulder was higher than the other, the lace twice, to get it even, and her neck twice to get it to look right.  I knew it was going too well.... We did more fabric dyeing over the weekend and it is still all wrapped up in saran wrap and sitting on the deck.  Joetta said that I got fading because I didn't leave the dye on long enough, of course she was right, I dried, washed and pressed within hours, too impatient... so I will show it in a few days.  I did a couple screen prints too and brought home dye to overdye the prints.  I'll have to do that this week too.  Also a garden meeting, more tomatoes from the garden, a Red Cross meeting, and I really must go to work again this week. damn.  I want to applique....


  1. Your block looks so pretty! I'm sure you'll get the bride dressed just right and she'll be as wonderful as this block.

  2. Good grief - The Saga of the Bride - you'll be glad you made the changes - later you won't have to think - "I wish I'd fixed it when I had the chance." That's an amazing quilt - an heirloom for sure!