Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This and That

These are the last of the zinnias for the year.  They have been beautiful, in fact so beautiful that I really almost didn't care that they completely outgrew the snaps and I haven't seen a snapdragon since June.  The lesson is to put the zinnias behind the snaps, not in with the snaps...  I tried to dry them and they rotted so I'm not putting zinnias on a wreath for the front door, but they have been very prolific all summer.  I have probably picked 30 or more bouquets in the last 4 months.  I have given them to friends, neighbors, co-workers, the kids, and had them in the kitchen all summer. 

I am quilting, I am weaving, and we are going north this weekend to take Chrissy to dinner for her birthday.  This little house project is something that I did tonight because the big project is going hmmm...okay, but it's not exactly what I wanted, though it looks great, because I am finally getting better at piecing...pinning is the not so secret, secret and because it takes longer, I was reluctant, but it works, so now I'm a convert...however the big project is a secret so I'm not sharing yet.  The little houses are just for fun.  I think I'm going to make a village, maybe with trees and a dog or two.  The weaving is going pretty well, but I'm not going to be happy that I am putting all this work into acrylic yarn.  I decided to weave a baby blanket.  Now you would be asking yourself, why would she do that?  No idea, but the acrylic has been purchased, because it doesn't shrink and it washes well.... and the loom is almost warped so in a couple weeks, I'll have a baby blanket with huck lace blocks interwoven with plain weave.  It should look very cool, but I really have no idea what I'm going to do with it.  This weekend, H, the dogs, and I are leaving Friday morning to go up north for a couple days.  I am using Chrissy as a way to get away from the house and not think about having to wash the windows.  I hate dirty windows, I also hate washing windows, but I really hate laying in bed on a Sat morning thinking about washing windows, so it's on the list soon.      


  1. Hey Sue, love the house blocks. Will you come and do my windows too? Giggle, I too hate dirty windows and am determined to give them all a good scrub this season. Have a truly wonderful weekend, it is so very nice to take a much needed break.


  2. Hi Sue,
    Your houses are great! You're creative and imaginative and liberated in your piecing--Do you belong to the yahoo group called Lib-Quilters? If not, I'd love to have you join. We all do at least some liberated patchwork; I also do hand applique and regular patchwork. We simply have lots of fun. Here is the link:
    Kathleen C.
    p.s. I subscribe to the feed of your blog. I'll be back to visit the list of blogs under your Inspiration category.

  3. I could purchase the baby blanket from you. Nancy, my best friend from high school is having a baby and I am sure she would love it. In fact, if your bored keep em coming, everyone I know is having babies these days and I'm always at a loss for what to get them!

    Have fun up north. BTW, when are you coming south????

    Love you, miss you.

  4. PS-I am 100% jealous that I don't live close enough to partake in the zinnias. Sooooo........... jealous......

  5. Bobbie, thanks for the comments. I did my enjoy my weekend away.

  6. Kathleen, I do belong to the on-line liberated quilters. I also do traditional piecing and applique. I really love applique, but wonky houses, stripes, and stars are my fall-back when I get tired of the other. I am Sue in Mi.

  7. Kate, yes, you are definitely the age where most are having babies. I'd be happy to do something for Nancy. But I have to get to Melissa first. When is Nancy due? I really wish you were here for the zinnias. I resurrected a few to take to Chrissy but they are really starting to get frosted a bit now. The marigolds though are spectacular and if the snaps hadn't been taken over by the zinnias, they would be stunning with all this cool weather, even though it was 70 here today. We'll get to Fl, maybe this winter, your dad's last vacation day for the year was Fri so nothing this year. Love you and miss you too, sue