Friday, December 3, 2010

Computer Crap

I think my computer joined the list of spammers this afternoon.  I have now run Norton virus protection and it cleaned up a bunch of medium risks (whatever the hell that means) and hopefully it is gone, but I did just talk to the lady whose computer has been spamming me for the last couple weeks and she says the "experts" told her that she couldn't get rid of it as long as she had that computer and her e-mail address.  They said that the computer would continue to send out junk to everyone on her address list no matter what she did.  I did ask her to delete my e-mail address and anything that she had received from me or sent to me.  I hope mine has been cleaned up, or I'm getting that Apple sooner than I had planned.  Sorry to anybody getting unsolicited or other crap from my e-mail address.  Let me know.   

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