Thursday, May 19, 2011

And the Quilting Journey Continues...My New LongArm

I know, it's huge.  A new Gammill Long Arm Quilter with a 12' stand.  I can do free motion, meaning self-guided, and follow pantographs (stencils) with a laser.  We bought a few pantographs to try it out on, but so far, I have finshed and bound the 2 baby quilts (and given them to the twins, who are ADORABLE!) and finished the spiderweb that is on the quilter and have only done free-motion.  I did daisy type flowers on the baby quilts and big spirals on the spiderweb.  It is very easy and quick to do fairly big, all over designs, but to have any real style is going to take some time and lots of practice.  I have a few more practice quilts already made and am starting a couple more soon, in between doing the big applique and hand quilted projects. 

Lots of things are going on, but if it doesn't stop raining soon, I'm not going to get to do a garden this year.  I can only imagine how wet the field is where I put the garden last year and even my flower beds are saturated.  Flint has gotten 8.19" of rain this month and that is 5.5" above normal.  Stunningly, we are at the historic high for the month of May and it is only May 18.  The little woods behind our house is completely flooded out. 

Tonight we are heading out for Vermont to help my niece celebrate her graduation from UVM.  I'm pretty excited to see my sister and her family since we weren't able to get together after Christmas this year.  AND Monday, I'm going to the Shelburne Museum to see the antique quilts.  You can't get a much better weekend than that.  I hope your weekend is lovely too.      

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