Thursday, August 4, 2011

Inspired by the Red and White Quilts

After seeing photos on-line of the fabulous red and white quilt exhibit in New York, I had to make my own.  I used lots of scrappy reds, everything from almost orange to almost purple, with a scrappy white to gold background, framed it in black and bordered it with more dark red.  The stars are 8" blocks, there are 11 across and 11 down, with a 1" black frame and a 8" red border.  I plan to bind it in red too.  It ended up being 98x98" but will shrink up some with quilting and washing.  I think I will quilt it with a simple grid pattern across the stars.  Next week...   


  1. I love this one too! Red and blue are my favorites. When I make stars I usually make them liberated/wonky but your quilt is tempting me. (and the spiderweb on your banner too). We seem to have similar tastes, but you are getting you're quilts made and I'm not, and that's a big difference :).

  2. Hi, me again. I meant to say that I recognize those fabrics in the spiderweb quilt. I just used some of them in a small framed appliqued landscape, in fact. They helped to change the style of my landscape, which is something I wanted to do. Thanks!