Friday, August 19, 2011

Quilting for Alzheimer's Research

I'm pleased to be able to able to assist Ami and her crew in their endeavor to fund Alzheimer's research.  Check out how you can help too... even the non-sewers...

These little quilts are about 8x11", made from scraps left over from the piano key border on my Liberated Quilt Challenge.  I then layered them with batting and backing and hand quilted them using perle cotton.  The top one is done in triangles and the bottom one is done with clamshell shapes.  The photos are a bit funky since the light is yellow in the library at night, but they are bright and cheerful and hopefully someone at the Houston Quilt Show will find them fun and purchase them.  The top one is dedicated to the memory of Grandma S and those that loved her and the bottom one is for Terri's Grandma and those that love her.  I'm happy to be doing anything that might help us find a cure for this dreadful disease.   


  1. Absolutely wonderful, Sue! Be sure to send me the registration numbers for any quilt you make and donate. We don't have any kind of automatic system that lets me know and I just scour the search bar with names of everyone to discover new quilts to put on our webpage there! Love them and you for making these!!!

  2. PS:
    Did you know that you live in Ami Simm's hometown and where the main office is? Boy, would she love knowing that.... if you ever have any free time when she needs to pack up her kazillion bins of AAQI quilts for Houston Quilt Festival display!!! They are packing up and bringing 2,000 little quilts this year..more than they ever, ever have!