Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Row x Row and Round Robin

I am doing two completely different versions of small quilts.  Talk about differences in style.  The first one is for my guild.  We are doing a row by row challenge and passing it to someone different each month for 4 months.  We had the option of choosing our fabrics or letting the others choose for us.  This is my challenge for this month.  She wants me to use these background fabrics and her theme is stars.  It will be a challenge for me as these are not my colors and I will have to be different.  Hmmm.  More to come. 

The second photo is the Liberated Round Robin for my on-line group.  We started with a center block of our own design, some were simple and some very complicated.  You can see check out others on this blog  This round robin is different than others because we each do our own rows following directions given to us.  This month was triangles.  I liked these colors and the simple word, but since it is supposed to be design as you go, I didn't really think about colors for the next row.  This is the second set of triangular blocks that I have made.  The first were very cool, very liberated, but much too dark for the off-white background of the center block.  I have saved them and may use them later in the quilt.  I'm still not terribly pleased with my start, but have to trust that it will come together in the end.  On June 10th we find out what the next round should look like.  I need more colors next time... and more liberated...