Thursday, February 2, 2012

World Wide Swap and Some Gifts

This is my contribution to the world wide swap.  I have belonged to the on-line yahoo goup Liberated Quilters for several years and since the folks at Liberated Quilters include Europeans, Australians, Canadians, and a couple women living in South American, we call this the World Wide Swap.  (Emily...One of the South Americans is a current Peace Corps volunteer in Colombia.)  I received several big pieces of fabric from Kasey (thanks Kasey) and am sending off this package to Pat in Saskatchewan.  It includes a couple old linen tablecloths, old buttons, several pieces of fabric, some hand-made paper, and a chocolate bar.  I hope she likes it.    

This is the start of the Valentine gifting.  I made these pillows for Chrissy.  She has ecletic taste in stuff and likes both elephants and seahorses, so this fabric line was perfect for her.  The back is a really cool stripe with all these colors in it...   She will see them now, but doesn't get them for a couple more weeks.  I'm also doing a few other little Valentines Day gifts, but since they are surprises, I'll show them later.   

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