Sunday, March 11, 2012

My "Found Cloth" Lunchbag

I don't think anyone else will be eating my lunch... This lunchbag is made of pieces of fabric entirely from my "found cloth" bin, aka scraps... that I sewed into relatively square pieces and cut into quarter square triangles and re-sewed together.  It took 12 squares for the outside and 12 more squares for the inside lining.  Even the strap is recycled pieced triangles from another project.  It took longer to make the cloth than to make the bag.  It's a terrifically easy bag to make.  The little diagram is what my friend C gave me to show how the bag goes together.  You make two of them and use the second one for the lining.  Sew on a strap and a piece of velcro to keep it closed and you are good to go.  It will be a great conversation starter in the break room.   

1 comment:

  1. I love your colorful creative bag, an thanks for the instructions.
    And I also love your kitty and the liberated quilt on your banner-I recognize some of those fabrics :).