Monday, June 18, 2012

Virginia's and April's Applique Quilts

 These gorgeous applique quilts are from Virginia and April's presentation on Friday at guild.  They are guild members who graciously allowed us a look at their collection.  There were many pieced quilts too, but I love the appliqué!  If I got it right, the first  broderie perse and the fifth baltimore were made by Virginia.  (I am looking for a spectacular fabric pattern to make my own Tree of Life broderie perse...)  The sixth was made by April and the others were purchased for their collection.  The last appliqued quilt is from the early 1800s and was brought by Chip to show off.  They were wonderful to see up close.

The hand quilting was spectacular.  Many of them were quilted so heavily that there was no more than 1/4" between the lines.  I really love the    simple diagonal lines in many of them.  It really sets off the appliqué.  Enjoy the Show!   

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