Sunday, September 9, 2012

AAQI for Aunt Irene

My AAQI contribution...about 7.5" x 11", pieced HST background with an oak leaf appliquéd on it.  The veins are reverse appliqué and I embroidered a stem stitch on the inside and the outside of the leaf.  Bound and finished with Fast Finish triangles.  It doesn't have a label yet.  I have to look up what they need on the back before I attach a label.  This is my 4th quilt for AAQI.  I am dedicating this one to Aunt Irene.  I think that would make gram proud.


  1. Really, really nice, Sue! Be sure to send me the number once you get it, want to be sure this one gets noticed on our group page..right off!!!

  2. Oh, they need your name, the quilts name and the quilt registration number in the bottom right of the label. Label down at the bottom of the quilt in the directionality you wanted it to be displayed. Again..really darling quilt!

    1. Thanks for the comments. We have requested registration, so I should have it this week. I'll let you know. Sue