Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back to the Civil War Bride's Quilt

Thanks to the folks on the Yahoo Appliqué Addicts group (yes, I really do belong to this group and read it almost every day), I have found the box of CWBQ fabrics and started another block.  I am doing the Australian pattern (thanks EB) and not the book pattern, but no matter, there are some folks thinking about it, choosing colors, appliquéing - actually doing it now and it's always more fun to do these big projects together.  It's still a long term project, but I'm off and running (again).

And I completed my AAQI contribution, so I have at least a small finish for September.  I'll get a photo tomorrow.  


  1. Hi Sue - found you via A Pieceful's that for globe trotting. I live in Gaylord, MI - just wondering which guild you belong to. I love the presentations by Virginia and April - I've heard 2 of their presentations. I call them April and May. Have you read the book about Mary Schaeffer? It was written by Gwen Marston and Joe Cunningham. It is an amazing book and Virginia contributed her stories of Mary to it. I'll be following your blog.

  2. Judy, how fun that you got here via Panama. I belong to 2 local quilt guilds. I joined Genesee Stars several years ago. It meets during the day here in Flint and Virginia and April are members too. Then a few months ago, I joined the Davison Evening Star guild too. I am the newsletter editor for Genesee Stars. I really love being part of the guild even if I do have to take vacation time from my job to go to it. I bought the Mary Schaeffer book from Virgina a couple years ago and have read it. I haven't had the chance to take a class from Gwen, but Joe Cunningham is coming to the Evening Star guild next year and I am hoping he does a workshop too. I was just in Gaylord a couple weeks ago and stopped (and bought fabric) at Delphines. If you ever get down this way or at least as far as Bay City (where I work), let me know and we can have lunch. Thanks for your comment. Sue