Monday, September 17, 2012

Long Term, Short Term

 The Civil War Brides Quilt is in progress, but will take a while yet.  Only the top two left hand blocks are done (and have been done for more than a year).  I have been working on the rest for a few weeks now.  The bottom center needs embroidered stems and the others still have appliquéd pieces to complete.  The ostriches were only started this afternoon.  (Don't their feet look ridiculous?  They will have claws in time.)  Also the light colored flower with the pink print has to go...  I just wanted to see how they looked together.
The short term project is this quilt top.  Though the top has been done a year or more, it has finally been quilted and has the binding on.    These are the left-over fabrics from Don's Apple quilt.  The colors are much more golden than they look in this photo.  The binding still has to be hand sewn on the back, but it will be on the couch before the snow flies this fall.  It should be cozy, I put flannel on the back.  The small coasters were made with the left-overs from the string quilt.  I used the Bernina to write Eat Michigan Apples on each as quilting and I use them on the tables in the family room.  Each of these has to have the binding attached yet, but 6 or 8 of them are already done and on the tables.  


  1. Civil War Bride blocks are beautiful!!!! Honestly I didn't even notice the ostrich feet until you mentioned it. Then I went back to photo and smiled!!! Maybe a tad big but honestly I didn't notice at first. That smile was exactly what I needed. :-) I love the little Eat Michigan Apples...awesome!!!

    1. Thanks Linda, I haven't gotten to the feet yet, but they are on the list soon.