Monday, January 7, 2013

Easy Street

What a learning experience!  This is a lousy photo, but Easy Street has been assembled, except the borders.  It was my first Bonnie Hunter mystery.  It was lots of pieces, more than 2000, and looking at the box of 3 1/2" pieces, I thought this one was going to end up in the trash.  But I followed the directions, used a few pins putting the rows together, and it is done and amazingly, pretty much square, though with a few missing points on the geese.  I didn't buy any fabric and really did use lots of scraps of purples, greens, and blues.  I had a few yards of a white fabric with little multi color designs on it, hence the bits of color in the whites.  This being the first time, I followed her color recommendations, except that I used black instead of gray and I'm glad that I did.  I like the black and white four patches.  They really set off the colors and the blocks.  I'm sure there will be a pinstripe of black in the border too.  This will be carefully quilted with an over-all pattern on the long arm.  There are lots of bumpy corners on this quilt.   Thanks to Bonnie Hunter for the free pattern and for the opportunity to watch the progress from quilters all over the world on the Monday link.  It was fun.       


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  2. I like the way your ES turned out. The black squares provide a sharp accent to the green and violet/blue. I agree that an all-over quilting pattern will work best, since the design is so busy. Good job!

  3. It is fabulous! I love it with the black four patches!