Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Month of May and a new grand baby!

The month of May has been BUSY!  I have a new granddaughter, the first one, we are so excited...  born yesterday, on her mom's birthday.  She is still in the hospital for a few days getting a little oxygen, but it seems that all will be ok given a few days...  I'll have pics and a name soon... more to come.  Congrats to Kate and Tim!

Chrissy graduated from college and needs a civil engineering job... we are hopeful that something will turn up soon.  She is finishing up the research job up north and will be home in a few days.  Harold and I, EB, and Terri and Patrick were there to celebrate with her....  Don and Kate were there in spirit.  She is the one on the right, on the left is her room mate, Merete.  Congrats to Chrissy and Merete!

Merete got her quilty gift, a thoroughly modern quilt, made of white strips and squares, like the next photo, but with turquoise squares.  But as usual, I gave it away without the photo.  Harold quilted it with a daisy pantograph, so it is a great summer quilt...light, crisp, and cool to look at.   Compared with this one, Merete's was easy.  This one had to be washed 9 times with oxiclean and color catchers to wash out the dye from the navy batik squares.  It ran and ran and ran, but I finally used the hottest water I could get, another 6 color catchers and a cup of oxiclean and it came out white!  I was sure that I was going to have to make another quilt!

Don's friend, Emily, graduated with her Masters from MSU this month.  She also got a quilty gift.  She was in the Peace Corps in Africa and had brought me home many yards of lovely African fabrics.  I found a Ghanian batik of women working and dancing around a tree and used it for the center medallion.  The rest of it is strips of African fabric and the hourglass units made with her fabrics and a light commercial batik.  I think it turned out well and she loves it.  Congratulations to Emily!  But I also gave it to her before I got a photo...ugh.  Chrissy hasn't received a quilt yet, because I had too many others to give as gifts.  Hers will get done after the summer wedding quilt is finished...

Though her graduation is technically in June, Dr. Kate, the new mom, will graduate from her residency program next week and be a graduate medical doctor.  She is exhausted this morning, but I'm sure will be like new in time to celebrate her achievements next Saturday.  She will start work in September after taking the summer to be with her new babe...  our new babe, though I'm not sure that we mentioned that she is expected to share...LOL.

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  1. congrats on the new baby and the graduates - a busy month