Monday, February 10, 2014

Hand Quilting, Appliqueing, and the Lost Camera

Ugh, I have misplaced my camera.  I had the camera and couldn't find the cord connecting it to my computer, (the cord was "put away" at Christmas), have now found the cord, but the camera is gone.  Ugh, again.

I have finished appliqueing the Red Flowers quilt top and have it basted for hand quilting.  I am doing big sweeping fans over it like the original, and also like the original, I am using light colored quilting thread.  I hope this works.  Just for fun, I am going to try and figure out how much time it takes me...

I am practicing back basting with 12 green and red turkey tracks blocks.  I have 5 completed, and all of them basted.  I have to find time to finish the applique now.  I think I may give them to the guild for the silent auction at the quilt show.  I don't need another set of blocks.

The string broken star has been long arm quilted with big daisies using bright blue thread.  I wanted obvious quilting and I got what I was wishing for...  it now needs a binding.

I went to my guild's annual 3 day retreat in January and made a lattice block quilt top in off-white and various reds.  It was the mystery quilt and I enjoyed the process.  It needs to go on the long arm and be quilted now.  I really enjoyed the camaraderie of my quilting friends.  It is stunning how much can get done if all there is to do is quilt, eat, and sleep.

I started a new quilt last December that was a copy of one that I had long arm quilted for an elderly friend.  I asked her in November if she minded that I make one like hers, as H had really liked it.  She didn't mind and I pulled together the plaids and muslin for the ohio stars.  My friend passed away in late December, so I am still working on Miss Helen's quilt.   It is good to think of her when I see it.

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