Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Applique at the AQS

 I love appliquéd quilts!  These are a few examples of appliqued quilts from the AQS Show in Grand Rapids.  This first one is machine appliquéd and quilted and was made by Lauren DeVantier of NY.  It is a replica of a wonderful quilt made in the 1860s by Susan McCord.  I love the dark pinks and greens, with just a spot of orange to set everything off.  I have the pattern for this quilt and may have to make one for myself.
 I also have the pattern for this one and have been gathering scraps for the circles for a few months now.  The colors and quilting are wonderful and really add to the pattern.  I believe this one is called Circle Jubilee and was needle turn appliquéd by Maggie Carey in Michigan.
I liked this one too.  It was a project undertaken by several people in the DeKalb County Quilter's Guild in Illinois.
 I love this quilt!  Teresa Rawson of Michigan started this version of the Civil War Bride's Quilt about the same time that I did, and she has hers finished!  Not just finished, but she drafted many of the patterns herself, and did lovely needle turn appliqué and hand quilting to finish it.  I love her colors and her handwork is really beautiful.  I have followed the progress of this and her other wonderful quilts on her blog.  And although I didn't get a picture, (too many people admiring it) Teresa's quilt called All Around the Town won an award.  Congratulations to Teresa!
I love this quilt too.  The pineapples are handquilted in an echo design.  Tim Latimer is from Michigan and created a beautiful quilt using an old design.  I love the simplicity of the design and the quilting (certainly by my standards) was perfect.
This is quite a masterpiece.  It is Barbara Burnham's MEC Remembered.  I own the book, with the patterns, but this is much more complex (not hard, just closer together) applique than I have done before, so I need more practice first.  Someday....

There were more applique of course, and probably hundreds of pieced quilts.  It was the first bigger show that I have attended, and consequently, it was a bit overwhelming to see so many really beautiful quilts all in one place.   But I went for the inspiration and I certainly found it.  


  1. Thank you for your nice comments about my quilt M.E.C. Remembered, and to hear that it is enjoyed by so many people at the AQS shows. And thanks for sharing the other beautiful applique quilts, for those of us who could not attend the show.
    - Barbara

  2. I have enjoyed the photos you posted from the show and all the information about the quilt makers...great job!

  3. @Barbara, I love your quilt and have purchased your book. I hope to make my own version soon. I'm sorry that you didn't get to attend. There were lots of favorable comments from people admiring your quilt.
    @Kathy, I enjoyed the show and am happy to share with others. But if possible, you should make the trip. The pictures do not do these quilts justice. They are beautiful.

  4. Sue, thanks for sharing so many wonderful photos from the show. I thought I might be able to fly back to see friends and attend the show (especially the Egyptian Tent Makers), but it didn't work out for me.

    I suspect you have seen the original Susan McCord quilt, but if not, here's a detail photo I took at a Henry Ford exhibit of quilts many years ago.

    I'm glad that Teresa Rawson's quilts did well at the show--she taught the first hand appliqué and hand quilting classes. She's not only a great quilter, she's a very good teacher.

  5. Sophie, I have not seen Susan McCord's quilt, but I certainly would like to some day (it seems silly, I've looked at quilts all over the eastern US, but I have missed the Henry Ford... ). And I agree, Teresa Rawson's work is gorgeous.

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  7. Blogger has decided to let me comment on your site again...yippee! I've been having trouble doing that on a few blogs, and now, for some reason, this is working, LOL! Thanks for the lovely shout out on one of my show quilts! YOUR bride is looking LOVELY...I really like your color palette...very appropriate for a folk art quilt! You will get there...what you've done so far is fabulous (apply self-back pat at this time...). Don't you just hate the weird feet on this quilt?!? I mean, honestly, did they ALL have to have little pointy claws?!?

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

    1. Thanks Teresa, I am clearly not very good at the blogging thing. I just found your comment today. I am still slogging away, well not all the time, but definitely on the feet... thanks for the pat on the back. Sue

  8. Hi Sue. I was hoping to contact you and Teresa about the "All Around the Town" quilt that just won in Lancaster. I teach for AQS and many venues around the country. One of my favorite workshops to teach is Design.
    With your permission, I would love to use a slide of this quilt for my workshop. It would include the artist's name, technique and what ever contact information you wanted on the slide. Did you do the design? If that sounds fun for you please contact me with all the information at Walrusdesigns@aol.com or on my web site www.kathymcneilquilts.com

    It's a wonderful quilt and a unique design. Thanks Kathy